Do  you or other people blame you for the unhappiness of others?

Are you having the same argument over and over again?

Do you wonder if you're the one "going crazy" or perhaps others accuse you of being "too sensitive"?

Do you experience Gaslighting or false accusations? Push-pull or black and white behaviors from those around you?

Are you constantly second guessing yourself?

Do you fear for your safety and/or suppress your anger?

Were you raised or are you in relationship with a Narcissist or one of the other types of personality disordered people?

Are you or someone you care about suffering from the effects of drugs or alcohol?

Do you worry that you'll never find true peace of mind or never know your real purpose?

Is it hard for you to trust people? Do you have anyone to talk to who listens with interest and curiosity and doesn't judge you?

As a solution-focused Licenced Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach and Consultant with over 30 years of experience serving Santa Cruz, I know that, often, learning simple strategies and tools can create the change needed to, not merely survive, but tothrive.

I received a  Masters degree in Social Work from San Jose State University and a  Coaching Certification from the Hendricks Institute led by Gay and Katheryn Hendricks. Other areas of deep interest are meditation,  any 12 step program, the Enneagram, Expressive Arts therapy and a relatively new approach centered on Self-Compassion, all of which I have studied in depth.  

If you wondering if Substance Abuse , Codependency , Emotional Abuse , Grief, living with a Sociopath and/or Narcissist,  referred to as Narcissistic Victim Syndrome, have created obstacles to your sense of contentment and confidence, please contact me. If you are ready to get unstuck from your history and experience the peace of mind that is your birthright, it is probably a good time to reach out.

Please call me at 831-252-6000 or email me for an individual consultation today. Online or by phone. 


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